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Fantasy Football Feature
Week 3: Lancaster's Locks
Jimmy Lancaster
September 21, 2007

Lancaster Pseudoscience

The idea that black players could not play the high-level thinking position of quarterback was a calculated and inherent part of the culture of racism, part of a pseudoscience that permeated throughout the real scientific and medical communities. For instance, the idea that blacks literally had smaller brains, lacked stamina and could be outsmarted in athletic competitions was common theory in the first half of the 20th century, not just from so-called “experts” like boxing analysts, but by medical and scientific “truths” brought forth by biased and often manipulated research and poorly documented academic articles and essays.

Let me pose an anecdote: a similar idea was found when a medical experiment (as soon as you use this word, you know its shady) studied the effects of syphilis in black men in Tuskegee, Alabama, by monitoring them and refusing to treat them with penicillin, even injecting them with the disease in some cases. You see, they wanted to prove that blacks and whites had physiologically different compilations, and we’re not talking DNA, but rather an inherent difference joined solely by race.

Blacks were not thought to have the mental capacity to compete as quarterbacks; many thought this even as recently as Doug Williams. I think this is to which Donovan was covertly referencing. He was just not as specific as he needed to be, since most people are ignorant about this type of ideology, and history in general, because African-American children in schools tend to be scared of “acting too white.”

This idea brought forth by the NAACP leader was intriguing, since still today- and I witness this first hand in the education system of the deep south – young African-Americans are careful not to act too “white,” meaning they need to keep their street edge rather than succeed in school, volunteer and join clubs and/or organizations that are viewed as conforming to societal norms. And McNabb was told by this NAACP leader that he was being too white, that he used to scramble more earlier in his career, despite being 30 now and having come back from major injuries, as well as taken too much Creatine that his water weight makes him look funny. Unfortunately, however, we apply racial characteristics to “scrambling,” and once again this shows our lack of respect for history in this country, as I paraphrase Gore Vidal in calling it the “United States of Amnesia.” Because Roger Staubach and Fran Tarkenton were as white as they come. And for those who think you can’t run as a quarterback and win the big game, and that it’s purely a fantasy perk if your quarterback can scramble, Roger won two Super Bowls. (He also ran for 2264 yards and 20 TDs, and managed to lead the league in passing four times and win his conference four times! Tarkenton rushed for 3674 yards and 32 TDs, and intriguingly, only rushed for 17 yards in his three Super Bowl losses…hmmmm…Donovan is 30 and has 2750 yards and 24 TDs, so he runs plenty. Mr. NAACP needs to stay out of football, and the rest of us should just admire Donovan’s game, and realize that you can run as a quarterback and still win, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be prescribed to a racial norm.

This week I’m taking six games, including:

Detroit +7 (buying a half). This is a little risky, literally taking the Detroit Lions on the road, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. I like Detroit to come up big and keep it close against a banged up Philly team riddled in controversy.

Under 43 in San Diego/Green Bay. I don’t like the Packers offense at all; their running game is unproven and San Diego’s defense has got to step up. Rivers may come out of it but it should still stay under.

Over 36 in Carolina/Atlanta. Oh yeah, this is way too low, entirely based on Atlanta’s game last week. Carolina will score, and it’s Atlanta’s home opener, so expect something on offense from an offensive coach.

Arizona +8. Again, a bit risky, but like I have written, I like inter-conference teams on the road. I don’t think Baltimore can cover Arizona’s wideouts and I just think they are a bit overrated on defense, especially against a team that can go deep.

Tennessee +4.5. Interesting game with both teams on a BYE next week. I like the Titans on the road to at least keep it within the parameters, if not win outright. Superior offensive line, content coach with a new contract, why not show the world they are for real, while in the process putting a nice Lowcountry b=oil on the Saints?

Fantasy Sleeper: Vincent Jackson. People are down on him, especially this week against a Packer secondary that has done well. But Woodson cannot stay with V-Jax at this point in his career; he’s 30, and has been slowed in practice this week by a hip injury, crucial to maintaining whatever speed remains of the former Heisman winner who made that amazing one-handed catch at Michigan State his final season (scumbag).

Last Week: 3-1
Season: 5-4-1
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