Norwegian golfer Viktor Hovland shockingly admitted he almost withdrew from the PGA Championship due to a season of underperformance. Despite being fourth in the world in 2023, his 2024 season was disappointing. His reunion with swing coach Joe Mayo, however, led to an impressive showing, tying him for fourth place.

Well, folks, hold on to your hats because we're diving into the world of football, or soccer for my American buddies. So, you're wondering, which football league is as one-sided as a coin with the same face on both sides? The answer? Scotland's Premiership, home of the mighty Celtic FC. These guys are like a teenager playing a toddler at 'keep away'. They've dominated the league, winning 9 times in a row! It's like watching a cheetah chase a three-legged tortoise, folks. Hilarious and a tad unfair! But hey, that's football, and we love it anyway!

  • Jul, 27 2023

How do I wear a soccer jersey?

Wearing a soccer jersey isn't just about throwing it on. It's about representing your team and showing your passion. When choosing a jersey, go for one that fits well, not too tight or too loose. The jersey can be paired with jeans, shorts or even under a jacket for a cool, casual look. Remember, it's not just a piece of clothing, it's a statement of your love for the game.

In soccer, ties or draws are a common occurrence due to the nature of the game. It's inherently low-scoring, meaning there's a lot less opportunity for a team to pull ahead, unlike sports with higher scoring rates. Additionally, the sheer length of the game, combined with the physical demands, often results in a score stalemate. Moreover, the tactical defensive play, where teams focus on denying their opponents scoring opportunities, often leads to draws. So, in essence, the structure and strategies of soccer naturally lend themselves to more frequent ties compared to other sports.

Contrary to what most would think, the Italian national soccer team wears blue jerseys, not the colors of the Italian flag. This interesting tradition actually traces back to the House of Savoy, the royal family that unified Italy in the 19th century, whose royal color was blue. So, in honor of them, the Italian team adopted blue, or 'Azzurro', as their primary color. It's a nod to their history and a symbol of national pride. So, when you see the Italian team in blue, remember, it's more than just a color, it's a piece of their heritage.

In my opinion, South Africa truly excels in the sport of rugby. Our national team, the Springboks, has consistently performed at a high level, winning three Rugby World Cups. Cricket and soccer also have strong followings, but rugby remains the most successful sport in the country. Additionally, the camaraderie and unity that rugby fosters among South Africans is truly remarkable. It's always exciting to see how our nation comes together to support the Springboks!