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Fantasy Football Features
Super Bowl XLII
Sam Campfield
February 1, 2008
Super Bowl XLII

It is that time of the year again. When families, friends, and sometimes even people not so found of one another get together and forget all disagreements and love one another for an afternoon. This great American day is the Super Bowl. This season�s installment will be in Glendale, Arizona at University of Phoenix Stadium. The two teams are the New York football Giants vs. the undefeated New England Patriots. The following will be a break down of this game and some intriguing individual match ups...Continue
Superbowl XLII: Lancaster's Locks
Jimmy Lancaster
February 1, 2008
Super Lancaster

For his final column of the season, the Lancaster will preview some data from his next book, a study on public education in two small towns. Any racy gambler waiting for some high energy plays on the proverbial �Big Game,� knows that a profound discussion of investigative journalism is always what your mind needs to bend itself into the ready position; remember, the mind flexes just like any muscle, and needs to be kept in shape too. So here�s to Upton Sinclair!..Continue
Conference Championships: Lancaster's Locks
Jimmy Lancaster
January 18, 2008
Greatest Day Ever 2008: Sentiment and Karma

Those of you who have followed the Lancaster for the past near decade know that he commonly refers to this Sunday as simply, �Greatest Day Ever.� Always less glorified and often more intense than the Super Bowl, the drama is multiplied on Championship Sunday. For this year�s stanza, it�s also time, to paraphrase Mr. Rogers, for somewhere in the darkness, the Lancaster to break even. And with a 5.5 to 1 money line, what a great chance to bang a live dog and breathe life into your handicapping season...Continue
Division Playoffs: Lancaster's Locks
Jimmy Lancaster
January 11, 2008
Lancaster Divisional

This week I am taking three locks, which include one three-team money-line teaser.

All of the money is coming in on the under for the Giants/Cowboys; it opened at 48 and is down to 46.5. Dallas won the first meeting this year 45-35, and the second 31-20. Sure the Giants are playing much better and Dallas faded the last two weeks; plus there�s all that gobbledygook about it being difficult to beat a team three times in one year. But I watched every play of both of those games this year, and Dallas is by far the better team. The Giants, although I was on them last week, cannot stop Dallas� offense. Dallas has more playmakers, even when it comes to the defensive line, which is usually an advantage for New York. I like Brandon Jacobs in this game, because he did have 95 yards in the second game after missing most of the first. But the score was no closer. I love Dallas and the Money Line at a relative bargain at -300. They didn�t work all year to get the home field advantage to get upset before getting another shot at the NFC title...Continue
Wild Card: Lancaster's Locks
Jimmy Lancaster
January 4, 2008
Lancaster Wildcards

The Lancaster was sifting through the archives and fumbled upon a 2005 column that had me at 55-33-1. Those were the days, I guess, when the man in black and gold was at his best, counterintuitive and fresh with the angles. But it�s the playoffs, and historically, when I do my best work; so if I�m going to make a run this year, we start now. This week we take on some heavy analysis, primarily figuring in past history, injuries, and line analysis...Continue
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