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Week 9: Lancaster's Locks Derrick Mason has historically lit up Cincy, for what it's worth (1 TD in '05; 8 for 85 in 04; 7-98-2 in '02; and 9-186-2 in '01). So don't worry that he's facing D. O'Neal and his 10 INTs from last year. Mas was McNair's favorite target again last week after voicing concern over play-calling during Baltimore's losing streak (they fired Fassel and both him and Jamal Lewis saw an increase in stats). Number 85 could be a sleeper this week, despite Baltimore's recent struggles against the Bengals...Continue
Jimmy Lancaster
November 4, 2006
Week 9: Upgrades and Downgrades UPGRADES
Michael Vick
Vick will continue to tear it up...Continue
Dr. Fantasy Football
November 3, 2006
Week 8: Lancaster's Locks Counterintuitively
According to Roy, a professional gambler who can be found leaning on the sportsbook desk inside the Plaza, downtown Vegas, that’s the only way to bet the N.F.L. A native of Galveston, Texas, hometown of the real Jack Johnson, in 2000 he put $100 on the Rams to win it all at 38-1. Yes, the same year Kevin Dyson didn’t come as close breaking the plane as the dramatists like to remember. ..Continue
Jimmy Lancaster
October 28, 2006
Week 8: Upgrades and Downgrades UPGRADES
Tom Brady
Brady scores big in big games...Continue
Dr. Fantasy Football
October 27, 2006
Week 7: Lancaster's Locks This week I'm taking the Panthers (+3), the under (41) in the Chiefs/Chargers, the over (42.5) in the Lions/Jets, Denver (-4.5, buying a whole), the Cowboys (-3, buying a half), and the under (45) in the Cowboys/Giants...Continue
Jimmy Lancaster
October 21, 2006
Week 7: Upgrades and Downgrades UPGRADES
Chad Pennington
Pennington has silenced the critics with his early season outstanding play. He has performed well at home and should continue that against the Lions...Continue
Dr. Fantasy Football
October 20, 2006
Week 6: Lancaster's Locks Lancst' 6'er
Unpopular freshman: "So what's in the bag dude?"
Freshman emerging as popular, with coolness: "Ah, sixer.."
Last week I was feeling rather dazed after the Jets debacle, but things evened out, as they tend to do (ask Seinfeld)...Continue
Jimmy Lancaster
October 14, 2006
Week 6: Upgrades and Downgrades UPGRADES
Donovan McNabb
McNabb and company should continue their roll against the Saints...Continue
Dr. Fantasy Football
October 13, 2006
Week 5: Lancaster's Locks This week I’m taking the Jets (+7), Cleveland (+8), Pitt (+3), Philly (-2), the over in the Raiders/Niners (40), the over in the Giants/’Skins (45.5) and the under (37) in the Pats/Dolphins...Continue
Jimmy Lancaster
October 7, 2006
Week 5: Upgrades and Downgrades UPGRADES
Peyton Manning
Peyton is due to have his monster game. Expect big numbers against the lowly Titans...Continue
Dr. Fantasy Football
October 6, 2006
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