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Week 16: Lancaster's Locks
Jimmy Lancaster
December 23, 2005

Ok so I'm back on the east coast for a few hours and end up hitting a gigantic deer on the NY Thruway and ringing up $1150 of damage to my mom's car. NO matter what they say, Saturn people are just as bad as anyone else. The poor "little innocent deer" was already down (not taking a drink of water, Marisa) and struggling so I guess we put it out of its misery. We ended up staying in Po-Town in a roach commune after a lovely ride tow-ride with Ronnie from "historic" Kingston, original capital of New York. Luckily I did my most of my research before I left Colorado.

This week I'm taking the under 37 in Atlanta/Tampa, the over 31.5 in chicago/green bay, atlanta +3, dallas +5 and a teaser in the form of st. louis -9.5 (-3.5) and kc -1 (+5).

The number is too low given the score the last time Atlanta played Tampa, and Tampa's defense will be looking to rebound at home after getting spanked last week at Foxboro. Still, Atlanta really needs to step up or they're done. It's not easy taking a team on the road in a division game but I think Atlanta will play much better. I'm going to buy a half though.

Grossman will get Chicago in the end zone at least once, and their defense will probably score as well. Green Bay should be better this week at home to avoid total embarrassment, so with a number that small you won't need much more.

Dallas has always had success at Carolina and should contain Foster and bother Delhomme just enough to have a chance to win in the 4th.

San Fran wants to keep Bush in state; don't give him to Houston just yet. Also, it's the Rams' last home game so expect some emotion and perhaps something special from Marshall….K.C. is on the ropes and should turn things around in the overall AFC playoff picture with a big performance.

Last Week: 4-2

Season: 53-31-2

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