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Week 1: Upgrades and Downgrades
Dr. Fantasy Football
September 8, 2005

I love the anticipation and excitement of the opening week of the NFL Season. After extensive post-draft trash talking we can start to see how our drafts really went. Similar to the NFL, fantasy football requires taking advantage of match ups. Let us take a look at match ups to benefit from and avoid for Week 1.


1. Brett Favre

Favre at Detroit is almost guaranteed. He has consistently played well as does the rest of the Packer offense. Favre and company always put up big numbers in the Lions' Dome. Look for Favre to throw for 2-3 touchdowns and no interceptions.

2. Jake Delhomme

Delhomme had a stellar season last year and this should continue. The Saints defense will enter the game already tired since they drive 90 minutes each way back and forth to practice. Steve Smith is back and the young Keary Colbert should help get Delhomme a multi-touchdown game.

3. Willis McGahee

J.P. Losman is going to need support from his team. He will get it this week from McGahee. The Texans defense will not be able to stop McGahee. He should post 100+ rushing yards and 1-2 touchdowns this week.

4. Torry Holt

The Rams are going to start out fast and Holt will be Bulger's main target. Martz will be relentless with his attack and take advantage of the decimated 49ers defensive squad. Holt should go for 100+ yards and 1-2 touchdowns.

5. Chad Johnson

The Bengals should light up the scoreboard this week against the Browns. I don't think we will have another 58-48 debacle but you never know. Johnson is Palmer's go to guy and should turn in a 100+ yards and 1-2 touchdowns.

Other upgrades: Marc Bulger, Rudi Johnson, Javon Walker.


1. Aaron Brooks

Brooks and the Saints have gone through a tremendous amount of stress these past couple weeks. It doesn't help that Brooks will face one of the best defensive backfields at Carolina. Brooks is notorious for starting off slowly. If you have another option, take it.

2. Kerry Collins

The Raiders have a real test for their explosive offensive talent this week. Collins has notoriously crumbled under pressure and will make the costly mistakes. Count on at least 2 interceptions. The Patriots defense at home will want to show Moss and company who the Champs are.

3. Chris Brown

The Titans will find the going tough in Steelers' country this weekend. The Steelers will stop the run and force McNair to beat them. Brown will struggle to get past the Steelers' front seven.

4. Michael Bennett

Bennett is supposed to be injury free and start this week. Coach Mike Tice anticipates Bennett will split carries with Moore and Williams. Bennett needs to prove he can stay injury free and start carrying the load for the Vikings. I would avoid starting Bennett until he proves otherwise.

5. Reggie Wayne

Manning and company are in for a tough outing at Baltimore. The Ravens have the most talented defense in the league. Wayne is going to find it tough to get in the end zone. As a secondary receiver he should be avoided this week.

Other downgrades: David Carr, Ronnie Brown, Joe Horn.

Good Luck!