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Week 16: Classy Corner
Tony Class
December 23, 2005

What every good gamer knows is that in order to line your pockets you have to play the percentages. It's quite simple really, the more plays you make each week, the less chance you have of coming out on top. Whether you have inside info or you are just going at it blind, it's always better to keep it simple, one or two plays each weekend. Stay disciplined!

Following that logic, each week I will break down one or two best plays for you with sexy results.

Week 15

Merry Christmas. What better way to celebrate the birth of our lord and savior, Jesus Christ then complete, unadulterated and utter consumerism? Not to mention 30 straight days of ridiculous bowls that exist only to give gamblers an escape during the long and arduous holidays. Well, 'tis the season, so let's get to my locks of the weekend.


STEELERS (-6,5) vs. Browns

This one is an absolute gimmie. Charlie Frye is just a babe in the woods and the Steelers D are big bad wolves that are going to go tear him apart. I would be comfortable giving 10 here. The Steelers have returned to shoving the football down their opponent's throat, and nothing works better in December.


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